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Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting! 

What's not cool is pesky love handles, a double chin, feeling like a muffin top! What is cool, is a non-invasive way to reduce fat. Contour your body with Cool Sculpting! 

How To Play! 

  1. Between January 2 - 24, tune in Monday to Friday between 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
  2. Be listening for the 'Cool' sound effect daily 
  3. Text us the word #COOL at 727-7827 within 94 seconds to have your named entered into the draw to qualify for the grand prize. Qualifier's name will be announced on-air 
  4. If you qualify, be listening Friday, January 25 with Amber Vandale for your name to see if you've won the grand prize! All but 3 qualifiers will be randomly eliminated. If you hear your name, be the first caller through to win.  

Grand prize is $3,000 Cool Sculpting from Dr. Kelleher's Laser, Skin and Vein Clinic


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* One qualifier per eligible text number