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2019 Tim Horton's Brier deemed major success

13.03.2019 08:39
By: Frank McGwire

Planning committee credits the volunteers for a job well done

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - The 2019 Tim Horton's Brier held in Brandon from March 2nd to the 10th got high marks from participants and attendees.

Ryan Shields, Vice Chair of the Planning Committee, says with a total of 75,000 tickets sold, the event met sales expectations even though that wasn't the main goal.

"Realistically we were really happy with the attendance and the atmosphere was great for every draw, so that was one of our objectives was to have a great atmosphere," Shields said.

Shields says the atmosphere at the entire event was a unique one for all involved.

"Absolutely! I mean anyone we talked to had rave reviews for the event, the facility, just the overall experience from the curlers was great," Shields said.

The general consensus from the curlers, fans and volunteers was the event proved to be a huge success for the Wheat City.

"We spoke to a quite a few of the curlers and they all echoed the same thing and they said it was one of their favourite events that they'd been to," said Shields.

While many factors come together to make an event of this magnitude a success, Shields gave credit to the secret ingredient responsible for making this Brier a winner.

"Major thanks to the 475 event volunteers who made the Brier a success," Shields said.

For those wondering about 50/50 winnings, all tickets were claimed.