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Tyler Glen

Assiniboine to see limited spring flooding, Red facing 2009 levels

18.03.2019 14:56
By: Brad Gordon

Interim flood forecast says much depends on the melt

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - The Assiniboine River should see only limited spring flooding this spring.

However, the Red River could be looking at levels higher than 2009.

After last week's "cyclone bomb" unleashed heavy snow and rain throughout the U.S. Midwest, including the south Red River basin, the Province's Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued an interim flood forecast.

Average weather conditions could yield a Red River flood higher than 2009.  With unfavorable conditions, much higher levels could affect communities along the Red.  It all depends on the rate of snow melt, and any new rain or snowfalls in the coming weeks.

The Provincial government is beginning work with municipal governments along the Red, and will work with Ottawa to ensure indigenous communities are prepared. 

Community ring dikes and the majority of private flood protection works have been built to 1997 flood levels, plus two feet.

A full updated flood outlook is expected in the coming days.