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Bill allows sex violence victims to end leases early

14.03.2019 06:35
By: Matthew Higgs

Currently, victims need a police report

Winnipeg, MB (CKLQ) - New amendments made by the provincial government would allow sexual or domestic violence victims to move out with less notice. 

The proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies ACT would extend early lease termination to include victims of sexual violence. 

The victims of domestic and sexual violence would be able to speak with doctors, nurses or social workers who can verify an incident and confirm eligibility.

A police report and no-contact order is no longer needed.

As of this moment, tenants affected by domestic or stalking can end their lease with one month's notice if they believe staying in a place puts them or their children at risk.

Tenants must also report incidents to the police or get a no-contact order from court.