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Brandon's Anti-Impaired-Driving Holiday Program begins

05.12.2018 18:00
By: Brad Gordon

"Operation Festive Spirits" a mix of Check Stops and data-driven policing

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police Service has announced its plan to combat impaired driving this holiday season.

"Operation Festive Spirits" got underway December 1, but you'll be seeing the first high profile Check Stops in the coming days.

All this month, Brandon Police will use Selective Traffic Enforcement  to deter and enforce the laws against impaired and aggressive driving. 

It's the first year that officers will be looking for those impaired by legal recreational cannabis.

Brandon Police Chief says the program also has an education component.  Ideally, every one should make a plan before going out to event, so that they know how they're getting home should they consumer liquor or canniabis.

This year's program is a partnership with the Province's Liquor Gaming & Cannabis Authority, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.