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Canola Gowers happy with parts of federal budget

20.03.2019 14:52
By: Brad Gordon

Regulatory Modernization and expanded broadband for rural Canada cited

Winnipeg, MB (CKLQ) - The Canadian Canola Growers Association says it's happy with parts of the new federal budget.

President Bernie McLean says the budget "contains investments and proposals that build competitiveness for our rural based farm businesses."

Specifically, he points to a commitment by Ottawa to bring broadband service to more of rural Canada.  He says that will help farmers adopt innovations that increasingly require connectivity.

The organization is also happy with a commitment in the budget to review the Canada Grain Act and the role of the Canadian Grain Commission, a commitment to consult on expanding the carbon fuel tax exemption to include fuel delivered at cardlock facilities, and added flexibility on specified corporate incomes and eligibility for the small business tax.

Rick White, CEO of the Association says he is looking forward to regulatory modernization.  He says the organization will work to ensure the outcomes work for the interests of farmers.