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Carriers being blamed for mixed results with Alert Ready

11.05.2018 11:46
By: Matthew Higgs

City ready for any emergency situation

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Well that didn't go according to plan.

The Alert Ready system that was supposed give a notification to all operating cell phones in Canada over the past week, was received by some but not others.

Tests were sent out in Ontario and Quebec on Monday, while the eight other provinces and two territories sent the test alerts on Wednesday.

A coding error prevented the message from being sent out in Quebec and the results were hit and miss across the country.

After a quick poll in the Q-Country office, and then asking listeners on our Facebook page, approximately 50% to 60% of people who responded received the alert.

Locally, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Brandon, Brian Kayes says we should expect mistakes, especially during tests.

"I understand it is a very complex system," said Kayes. "I think we should be happy that half of the people got the text, instead of no one getting the text."

Over the years, Kayes has laid the groundwork to making sure there are alerts ready should there be any danger in Brandon.

"We have the siren system that will alert anyone if they are outdoors," said Kayes. "It is also tested once a month."

He also said the city will put any information on their website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

"We have a well developed system, and anything that is added, like the Alert Ready system, will just augment our system," said Kayes.

Meanwhile with the mixed results of the alert system, officals are putting some of the blame on the telecommunication networks.

"There was a problem with Telus, insofar as they had done their programming, so anybody that had Telus did not get the notification," said Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler. "But I would point out, that's why you have a test."