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Construction of new Christie's Office Plus going well

25.06.2019 06:59
By: Frank McGwire

The locally owned business on schedule to open this fall

Just over a year since losing their building during the devastating fires in downtown Brandon, the owners of Christie's Office Plus will be continuing operations at a new location.

Co-propreitor Marni Cramer says the build at the Richmond Avenue East location is going well.

"Everything seems to be on track, permits, building, all that stuff, we should be able to get our warehouse built then we can work in there while they're working upstairs so we can fill it up with stock and have everything ready then just move the offices over as soon as we can," Cramer said.

Since fire destroyed their Pacific Avenue location, Christie's has been operating out of a different downtown location.

"We are operating out of the Town Centre which customers can access through the parkade. People can still come and shop there even though we do not have a store front," said Cramer.

The new location currently being built at 1300 Richmond Avenue East is a 30,000 square foot building which will include an 8,000 foot showroom.

"We will have way more items for educational purposes at daycares schools and such, it will be a totally new design and a totally new display," said Cramer. 

If all goes according to plan Christie's Office Plus will be open for business at their new location by this fall.