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Crops responding to this week's rain

25.06.2019 17:37
By: Brad Gordon

Crops catching up from slow start, heat needed

While this past's rain helped, it wasn't consistent enough across the province to help everyone's crops.

This week's provincial summary notes that reseeded crops have emerged, and we're largely past early-season insect pressures with low overall disease pressure.

Rainfall, while plentiful in some areas, wasn't consistent in all areas, and hasn't alleviated all concerns on dryness.

Forage availability is of concern, with some producers starting to sell cattle in anticipating of low yields and feed shortages.


In the Southwest Region, the rain helped all crops and forages.  Crops are responding, and warm days and evenings would be a boon for development.  Most areas were able to absorb the rain, but some pockets in Killarney and Brandon do have standing water in fields.

Peas are looking promising, with no major disease or issues right now.  

Majority of cereal crops are approaching flag leaf stage.  Early seeded wheat and oats are at flag leaf stage.

Most producers have complete weed control and looking at fungicide application if conditions warrant.

Canola has started to cabbage and close the crop canopy.  Most fields are now past the earlier insect issues.

Soybeans are in second to third trifoliate.  


You can download the full crop report here