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Extreme weather indices assist farmers

24.06.2019 10:24
By: Frank McGwire

Various data determines best times to do various work

Canada's agriculture ministry and Environment Canada have teamed up to create a new extreme weather indices to help producers prepare for extreme weather.

The indices, or short-term weekly forecasts provide valuable data for up to a month in advance which will help determine when producers should perform various tasks on their farm.

Within the wind category, farmers will be able to see ``Probability of Drying Day Occurrence'' maps which will be particularly important during the planting and harvesting seasons.

During the growing season, there's the ``Maximum Wind Speed'' and ``Number of Strong Wind Days'' which help predict the spread of pests and when to spray.

Work on this project began in 2006 when the AAFC and ECCC signed an agreement to collaborate more closely together by sharing climate data.

Through working with high performance computers, complex models and large datasets, the collaboration has resulted in these agriculture-specific extreme weather indices.

A set of twelve extreme weather indices have been created to help producers anticipate future risks and prepare for adverse weather conditions.

The online maps allow users to see where the forecast is expected, the magnitude and the probability of the forecast.

Check Drought Watch frequently, as information becomes available and relevant throughout the season and new maps are uploaded on a regular basis.

Get updated info from this new weather forecasting system here.