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Gas prices at $1.35 by May Long Weekend?

28.03.2019 17:27
By: Brad Gordon

Industry analyst says carbon tax, switch to summer bled, market pressures will push prices higher

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Get ready for higher gasoline prices.....a lot higher.

The federally-imposed carbon tax will add 4.6 cents a litre to the price of gas on April 1.

But Dan McTeague, of the gas monitoring site Gasbuddy.com, says more price bumps are coming, and we could see gas at $1.35 a litre by the May long weekend.

McTeague says the changeover to less-volatile summer gas happens April 15, and that will add a nickel to the price.

Then normal summer driving season price pressures on supply, rising crude oil prices, and potential market instability could add roughly a dime a litre.

McTeague says that totals roughly 20 cents added to the price of gas over the next two months.

Gas prices in Brandon sit at about 115.6 at most stations in the City.