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Heat wave expected for next week

05.07.2018 13:46
By: Matthew Higgs

Heat warnings are expected

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Thursday might be last day for awhile with comfortable temperatures.

That's because according to Environment Canada, there may be some heat warnings in Westman over the weekend.

Starting on Friday, temperatures will rise to 29 degrees Celsius, and then hover around 29 to 33 degrees for about five days, all the way until Wednesday.

Environment Canada's Natalie Hasell says the humidex value is expected to be high as well.

"We will put out heat warnings if the temperatures exceeds a humidex value of 38 or 32 degrees Celsius." said Hasell.

Saturday is the only day in the forecast to exceed the 32 degree threshold, with an expected 33 degree Celsius that day.

Hasell says there may be a bit of a cold front coming through the region on Sunday, which will bring the temperature down, but only to an expected 29 degrees Celsius.

Over the past week, the Eastern provinces of Canada has been going through a heat wave, with humidex values at 40 or 45 in the Montreal region.

The province of Quebec has said there has been 33 deaths because of the heat, all of which had either health problems or no air conditioning in their homes.

People that are at risk during heat waves include young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.

Hasell says people dealing with mental health issues are also at risk, because the medication the some individuals take, might make them more susceptible to the high temperatures.