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Jump in syringes in public places concerns police

29.03.2019 17:42
By: Brad Gordon

Adults need to know how to dispose of medical "sharps"

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A jump in the number of used syringes being found in public spaces have police concerned.

Bear Clan Patrols in Winnipeg and Brandon have noted a year-over-year increase in the number of syringes being found with the spring snow melt.

And, last week, a girl on the Sandy Bay First Nation was poked by a used syringe on a school playground.

This highlights a need for ways to handle used syringes, wherever they are found.

Brandon Police Sargent Ed Conway says if children find such objects in their daily travels, they should make no attempt to touch it and should get an adult.

For adults, he suggests heavy gloves, and using pliers or tongs to pick up the object, pointing the sharp end away.  He suggests using an empty pop bottle; drop the sharp in, then replace the cap.  The syringe can then be placed in the trash.

Conway notes that if a substantial number of syringes are found, citizens should call Brandon Police.