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Killarney Mayor hopes residents speak out against provincial office move

16.04.2018 11:29
By: Matthew Higgs

The Department of Families office officially moves on May 9.

UPDATE: All employees have been given other positions to other government jobs. 

Killarney, MB (CKLQ) - Five Killarney residents will be without jobs when the the Department of Families office moves to Winnipeg next month.

The office will be moving because the provincial government says the caseload has been reduced at the Killarney location.

The Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union said the workload has not declined over the years, and the move makes no sense.

All five employees were given a choice to move with the office, but none of them will.

Killarney Mayor Rick Pauls says he hopes the province doesn't go back to centralizing offices.

"Back in the 80's they decentralized a lot of these services which was great for rural communities." said Pauls. "I hope they don't go back to their old ways."

Pauls is also bugged that the town learned about the move through social media opposed to anyone form the government telling them.

Pauls said himself and council went out to Winnipeg to discuss the move with Minister Scott Fielding, with no positive results.

MGEU is asking residents to show their displeasure by writing a letter to the premier.

Pauls agrees that politicians have done as much as they can, and now it is the constituents turn to show their displeasure.

"Hopefully the province will have a change of heart." said Pauls.

The office will officially move on May 10.