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Manitoba Agriculture concerned about weekend frost

27.05.2019 17:34
By: Brad Gordon

Agency issues weather data a day earlier than usual as a "heads up" to producers.

Source: Manitoba Agriculture. Deep blue indicates areas with over an inch (25 mm) of rain this weekend.

Manitoba Agriculture specialists are concerned over this weekend's weather, and its potential effects on freshly seeded fields.

On one hand, the vast majority of Westman saw between 10 and 25 millimeters of rain between Friday and Saturday.  The heaviest rainfalls were in the Assiniboine River Valley, from Virden to Portage.  (See the graphic accompanying this story.  Dark blue areas had over 25 mm over the weekend).

While this weekend's rains were welcome, the majority of weather stations in Central and Western Manitoba saw roughly six hours of freezing temperatures this morning.  A number of stations saw lows in the range of -3 degrees.  

Depending on local temperatures and length of time below zero, this could mean substantial damage to freshly seeded fields.

Manitoba Agriculture rushed out weather statistics a day early, as a "heads up" for producers.

The weekly crop report, due tomorrow, should include estimates of damage from the frost.