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Manitoba Public Insurance launches Save the 100

05.10.2018 08:31
By: Frank McGwire

Campaign focuses on practicing safe driving habits

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Manitoba Public Insurance is launching a new campaign calling on all motorists to focus on road safety.

Save the 100 is named after the average number of fatalities recorded on Manitoba roads annually over the past decade. 

Medial relations for MPI Brian Smiley says the initiative should act as a wake up call.

"Far too often people hear the number of fatalities and they don't think that these are actual living people and we need to change the culture of drivers," Smiley said.

An equally important message is that every Manitoban has the power to bring the annual fatality count sown to zero by changing the decisions we make behind the wheel.

Save the 100 targets people who still exhibit unsafe driving habits which Smiley says includes smoking pot prior to getting behind the wheel.

"We want to remind drivers that using cannabis can effect your driving and can lead to an impaired driving charge," Smiley said.

Smiley adds, one road death is too many.

"There shouldn't be any fatalities on our roadways, the vehicles have never been safer but people are still practicing unsafe driving behaviors," Smiley said.

The worst offences which have a higher propensity to cause accidents or injuries include: driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving, speeding and not wearing a seat belt.