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Province endorses housing partnership with Ottawa

15.04.2018 08:20
By: Cam Hallas

Strategy will support Canadians with housing needs

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - The Manitoba government has endorsed a multilateral Housing Partnership Framework at a meeting of Canada's federal, provincial and territorial ministers in Toronto.

Families Minister Scott Fielding said this is an important step forward to support housing outcomes for people in need across Manitoba.

"By working together with federal, provincial and territorial partners on this framework, we are collaboratively moving forward on shared priorities for housing in Canada."

Beginning in 2019, the Housing Partnership Framework will be supported by a significant federal-provincial investment in Manitoba's social and affordable housing sector.  

"Number one, it will build and provide more affordable housing for individuals. Number two, will be able to ensure that people have affording rent here in the province. Number three, ensure that we are renovating existing stock," said Fielding.

Provincial and territorial governments will soon enter into bilateral negotiations with the federal government that will take into account each province and territory's unique and local housing needs.  

"That basically says where we can spend the money. It is a significant long-term investment. We believe it will be a $300-million investment from the federal government, and the provinces will be asked to match," said Fielding.

Following that, Fielding said it still needs to determine how it will impact individual communities.

"On a nation-wide basis, it should build about 60,000 new units of housing, and repair close to 240,000 units. That's the hope with the fund," said Fielding.

"Many of the key elements important to the Manitoba government are included in this framework, such as a strong focus on those with housing needs, the preservation and repair of social housing, recognition of the importance of community based non-profit housing providers, and the need to operate a modern, economically viable social and affordable housing sector." 

The minister noted that work continues on a new 'made-in-Manitoba' provincial housing strategy.  

The strategy will incorporate input provided by more than 1,500 Manitobans through a housing consultation, which was summarized in a What We Heard report released earlier this year.