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School division receives budget report late

12.02.2018 13:14
By: Cam Hallas

Board officials scrambling with surprises

Photo credit: Discover Westman

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Officials say pre-budget talks may not happen as originally planned at Monday's Brandon School Division board meeting.

Board chairperson Linda Ross said the budget announcement from the province came very late this year.

"Normally we have this the last week in January and we didn't receive it until very late in the day (last Thursday). That certainly shortened the time we have available to deal with the information we have."

Not only did board members get the document last minute, but Ross said they were caught off guard by a few surprises. "You know, the fact there is a 2% limit on the increase on the special requirements. We hadn't been advised any of that was coming." Ross also points to new changes with how provincial bargaining for teachers will take place to further reductions on the cap for administrative costs.

Ross said a pre-budget open house for the public will go one as planned on Thursday, February 15 at Green Acres School.

"It may change the presentation there from what we normally do, but we will be going ahead with that public consultation and then of course the budget deliberations are next Tuesday, February 20 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the board room at the school division office."