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Spray parks fill up with another hot day

10.07.2018 17:32
By: Matthew Higgs

Temperatures climbed to 29 degrees on Tuesday

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - The sun continues to shine in the Wheat City, which has led to full spray parks and pools this week.

On Tuesday, temperatures climbed to 29 degrees Celsius, but with the humidity it felt like 36 degrees at some points of the day.

"Just put on some screen, stay hydrated, and go into the water when you feel hot," According to one grandmother, Brenda Smith, who brought her two grandchildren to experience the outdoors at the Rideau Spray Park.

One grandfather, Ronald Moose, was in the city visiting, coming all the way from a northern community of South Indian Lake.

Moose says he is down in Southern Manitoba for a few weeks, and the recent heat has taken a bit of a toll on him.

"If you look at my skin, I'm usually white," said Moose. "Now I'm a bit burnt, and I've been like that for the past few days."

He took his grandchildren to the Westridge Spray Park.

The heat isn't supposed to go away either, with an average of around 29.2 degrees Celsius predicted over the next five days.

That includes Friday, with the forecast looking like it may reach a high of 33 degrees.

If your plans include going to the spray parks around the city, all four of them are open from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.