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Temperature and moisture issues continue to hurt crops

11.06.2019 17:28
By: Brad Gordon

This week's crop report shows seeding almost complete, slow progress so far

Seeding is essentially complete in Manitoba, but fluctuating temperatures and a lack of moisture has mean slow progress.

This week's provincial crop report notes that flea beetles persist in canola, and cutworms are damaging canola, cereals, soybeans, corn and sunflowers.


In the Southwest Region:

- Rainfall over the past week gave a much needed boost to crops.  Most of the region received 3 to 9 mm, while areas near Riding Mountain saw 11 to 15mm.  Ver dry pockets persists around Hamiota and Melita.

- Dry topsoil conditions remain a major concern throughout most of the Southwest.

- Seeding ranges 95 to 100 percent complete.  Some canola producers are re-seeding, due to flea beetle damage. 

- Crops are struggling to advance in most parts of the region, due to dry seedbed conditions. 

- Winter cereals are suffering due to lack of moisture.  Fall rye is heading, about 14 inches tall.  Winter wheat is at flag leaf stage. 

- More than 50% of canola fields have been sprayed due to flea beetles.  Sunflowers have emerged with signs of cutworm damage.  Cutworms also noted in cereal crops.

- Forages in need of critical regrowth moisture in addition to recent rainfall.  Forage growth being hurt by fluctuating day and night temperatures.  Cattle are on pasture, but there is still a risk forage and water will not last until fall.


You can download the full crop report here