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Winnipeg teen arrested after stealing liqour

14.04.2019 10:39
By: Matthew Higgs

The suspect stole from Victoria Ave MLCC

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police say a 15-year-old teen from Winnipeg is facing theft charges after stealing liquor from the MLCC on the 3400 Block of Victoria Avenue. 

Police say numerous thefts happened between February 15 and March 16. 

BPS say on one of these occasions, staff members in the store confronted the suspect in an attempt to stop the thief. 

The suspect raised one of the stolen bottles in a threatening manner displaying an intent and willingness to use it as a weapon against the employees. 

The suspect has now been identified from in store video and on Saturday the 15 year old male from Winnipeg was charged for the thefts as well as robbery. 

He will appear in court on May 14th in Brandon.