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WRSA declares BYSA "member not in good standing"

11.07.2018 15:32
By: Matthew Higgs

The decision makes the BYSA a non-sanctioned entity

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Still not even a year old, the Westman Regional Soccer Association is having issues with one of its member soccer associations.

The WRSA has officially declared the Brandon Youth Soccer Association a "member not in good standing."

The decision makes the BYSA a non-sanctioned entity, meaning it will no longer receive any services from the WRSA, and all current services being used will cease immediately.

All BYSA teams, players and coaches are barred from competing in sanctioned leagues, tournaments, or competitions.

The news release sent out by the WRSA says the association sent a letter to the BYSA's Board of Directors back in April outlining concerns regarding the working relationship between the staff and executive committees.  

It also states that the BYSA  was making independent decisions that undermined the policies and procedures of the WRSA.

The letter also warned the BYSA that if they could not uphold their responsibilities, there would be further disciplinary actions. 

The WRSA say they never did change their behaviour.

The association says BYSA will remain a member not in good standing unless they have met all four conditions.

Those conditions are:

1. BYSA is being fined $500.00 for the unnecessary use of WRSA’s time and resources and the undue hardship to members (coaches, parents, players) that was caused by BYSA’s non-compliance. In addition to the fine, WRSA also mandates a Performance Bond of $2000.00 which will be returned to BYSA upon maintaining member in good standing status for one year.

2. BYSA’s executive committee must follow all By-Laws of the association, specifically as they relate to the functions and powers of the Executive Committee to “overrule” or change motions that have been passed by the BYSA Board of Directors.

3. BYSA’s Board of Directors must undergo board governance training.

4. BYSA must undergo an audit by a third party and share the full documentation of the audit with its membership and the regional association WRSA.

According to the Brandon Youth Soccer Association, they will have a meeting to decide if they will follow those conditions.

The WRSA was created back in November 2107, to serve Brandon, Minnedosa, Rivers and Neepawa youth soccer associations.

It was also used in a way for the associations to work together to further development in the Westman area.