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Buying a Gift Card This Christmas?

You may be buying some gift cards for a special someone this holiday season. Gail Anderson of Manitoba's Consumer Protection Office says there are a few rights consumers have that they may not...[more]


Learn Not to Burn! K-3 Students Learn About Fire Safety.

The Learn Not to Burn Program starts today and teachers will be given new fire safety lesson plans. Kindergarten to Grade 3 students will have a pre and post test to keep track of what they know. City of Brandon Fire...[more]


Manitoba Hydro vs. CAEPLA

Landowners in Manitoba are not happy with how Manitoba Hydro is doing business when it comes to surveying their land for the Bi-Pole III roject. Dave Core is the CEO for the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline...[more]


PST increase now law in Manitoba

After months of bitter fighting, Manitoba's sales tax increase is now law. The NDP government finally got it's budget bill through a final vote late last night at the legislature. The PST was raised from 7 to 8 percent in July,...[more]


Bitter cold decends on Westman

A blast of arctic air has moved into Westman. Wind chills today will hover in the -36 degree range. Saturday it will be even colder. Wind chills are expected to be around the -40 degree mark. Meantime, The cleanup continues...[more]


Overnight Parking Ban Still In Effect

The overnight parking ban is still in effect, and is likely to last until Saturday afternoon. The following streets are included: 18th Street (from south to north) Victoria Avenue from 1st Street to the most westerly City...[more]


Clear and Cold This Weekend

We're almost done with snow for now but you'll want to watch out for the temperatures! The Wheat City will have a cold spell over the...[more]


Bus Rides Will Cost More

There will be some changes coming when it comes to riding the bus. City of Brandon's Transportation Director Tim Sanderson says there will be a slight increase when it comes to adult cash...[more]


Breaking News: Nelson Mandela Has Died

Nelson Mandela died Thursday December 5th at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela Spent 27 years in prison for opposing white rule before he became South Aftrica's first black...[more]


Your Winner... and NEW... Economic Development Officer for the Souris and Glenwood Community Development Corp...?

He's trading in dozens of professional wrestling titles, for a whole new title... Vance Nevada, the former wrestling champion is now Vern May, the new economic development officer for the Souris and Glenwood Community...[more]

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