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Are you seeing purple street lights in Brandon?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: September 14, 2021 10:43

A defect in some LED lights in Wpg has them shining purple

Image - purple street lights in Wpg - Global News

If you're seeing purple street lights in Brandon, don't hesitate to give Manitoba Hydro a call.

About 30 street lights in Winnipeg have been shining with a purple light, and Manitoba Hydro spokesperson Riley McDonald says it's affecting lights installed as part of Hydro’s province-wide LED street light conversion which began in 2015.

He says "Brandon does indeed have LED street lights - about 97% of the whole province does, from Emerson to Churchill - but none should be purple." McDonald says it appears to be a manufacturers defect, and crews are working to restore the lights to direct white light. McDonald says the manufacturer told Hydro there’s no safety issue with the colour shift at all.

He says LED lights are more energy efficient and offer a lower lifecycle cost than the old high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. They produce a yellow or orange light, and last around five years, compared to about 20-years for LED's.

McDonald says "anyone who sees a street light having any kind of issue, colour shift or otherwise, should let us know on our website - it goes directly into a maintenance queue that way: https://account.hydro.mb.ca/Portal/ServiceRequestFormPrelogin.aspx?reason=streetLightOutage 

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