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Brandon man to be honoured by Canadian Red Cross

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: November 21, 2019 09:44

Kevin Holder to receive Order of the Red Cross

Image: Kevin Holder - Canadian Red Cross

A Brandon Red Cross volunteer is to receive the Order of the Red Cross at Government House today (Nov 21).

Considered one of the highest awards from the Canadian Red Cross, the Order of the Red Cross is bestowed upon those who have dedicated decades of service to the organization.

Kevin Holder has been a loyal and dedicated volunteer with both the Manitoba Branch and the National Office of the Canadian Red Cross for 35 years. 

He's served as Chair and co-Chair of the Brandon First Aid Injury Prevention committee since 1996, and served as an inaugural member of the National First Aid Education Council from 2010 -2017. Holder also serves as a volunteer when called upon from the Emergency Management program.

He  was the driving force behind the inception of a Red Cross volunteer group to offer first aid services at community events, known as the First Aid Injury Prevention committee. Under his leadership this group provided first aid services at community events from 1996-2018, when the decision was made to cease the service. Holder actively recruited, trained, scheduled and managed the volunteers as well as managing the acquisition and maintenance of all necessary supplies.

The service has provided significant visibility for CRC in the community, supporting approximately 20 events each year and contributing approximately $3,000 annually, resulting from honorariums received for this service. Countless injuries were tended by the volunteers, and these community events would not be able to proceed without this service. In addition, Hoder has been the volunteer responsible for the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) placed in the Brandon office. He ensures its maintenance and supplies as well as providing necessary staff and volunteer training.

Over the years, Kevin has also served as an active volunteer in the First Aid program development nationally. He has served on a committee every year first aid program revisions occurred since the early 90's. Most recently he was an inaugural member of the Canadian Red Cross First Aid Education Council, contributing his time and knowledge to study and analyze research, travel to Council meetings, and work with his colleagues to rewrite our Wilderness and Remote First Aid programs according to newest scientific research. Overall participation in our WRFA programs has increased by 33% from 2015 - 2018.

Holder is also an active volunteer for Disaster Management when he is available around his career as a professional Fire Fighter. Over the years, he has been a mentor to the CRC in the Westman area, giving direction on partnership strategies with fire departments and the Personal Disaster Assistance program. 

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