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Brandon police arrest suspect on assault charges

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: April 27, 2021 16:14

A man also arrested by officers for refusing to leave an apartment building

Image: Brandon police service

A 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday (Apr 26) for allegedly assaulting another person at an apartment building in Brandon.

Back on April 20, police say they responded to a report of a disturbance at an apartment building.  The individuals involved fled the building, and one was located nearby. 

Officers say an investigation into the incident revealed that the 30-year-old had assaulted a victim with a taser and bear mace.  The victim did not require medical attention.

The suspect was scheduled to appear in court Monday (Apr 26) on charges of Assault with a Weapon X2.

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And Brandon police arrested a man Monday (Apr 26) who was laying on the floor in a common area of an apartment building while refusing to leave. 

Officers say the 39-year-old was not a tenant of the building, was wearing just shorts, and was allegedly intoxicated.  

The property owner also reported that the fire alarm was pulled by the suspect, however, police say there was no evidence to support the claim. 

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