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COVID-19 - Souris couple recovering from the virus

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: April 17, 2020 13:09

Kristie & Todd Walker say it's been a month-long ordeal

Image: Todd and Kristie Walker - Facebook

Kristie and Todd Walker of Souris have first hand knowledge of what it's like to suffer with COVID-19. They've spent over a month in isolation dealing with frightening symptoms.

"It was just like you were in a car accident, everything hurt, you could not take a deep breath, your coughing was awful - it was right from the bottom of your rib cage up - and it was just shallow breathing - sore throat - no taste," says Kristie.

She says their quarantine was made bearable by family, friends and neighbours in Souris dropping off cards, care packges, driving by to wave and making window visits. She also has high praise for health-care staff.

"They called everyday and monitored us a couple of times a day, and not just locally, they were calling from all around the province and the physician was amazing too. They were all very good and deserve all the credit they are getting," says Walker.

As for the message that we must continue physical distancing, Kristie says "Definitely do it. You'd be crazy not to. Honestly, if it is not essential, you have no reason to be out there. If it's not life or death, do you need the lottery ticket; what are you going for? Does your family need the milk, then go - but the second you leave the house you are at risk," says Walker. "I understand why people are on ventilators, people are dying - don't mess around." 

In a post to social media, the Walker's write "Our recovery also means you may see us out in the community. You CAN’T catch this from us!!! As with getting over any illness as severe and lengthy as Covid-19 has been for us, I am sure you can appreciate we may have a light, dry, NON CONTAGIOUS cough at times – which is normal as per the virus. Although we are not back to ourselves completely, I could say we are a high functioning 98%. Lastly, THANK YOU. Souris is an AMAZING community to be part of. We cannot possibly single each of you out, the outpour of support from everywhere has been humbling to say the least."

The Walker's contracted the virus on a trip to Nashville with friends in early March.

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