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Confirmed case of COVID-19 in the sanitation department - City of Brandon

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: November 18, 2020 17:33

It's the 4th positive case within the city's workforce since mid-March

Image: Q Country - Star FM News

An employee with the City of Brandon's Sanitation department has recently tested positive for COVID-19. This represents the fourth positive case of COVID-19 confirmed within the municipality's workforce since the pandemic began back in mid-March.

The impacted worker was identified through close contact of another person who tested positive for the virus.

The exposure happened on November 7, they last worked on November 13, and was tested on November 15. The employee had daily contact with the public at the Scale Building of the Eastview Landfill. This contact included the exchanging of money. The scale building underwent a deep clean on Wednesday (Nov 18). If you visited the scale between November 9 - 13, you are asked to self-monitor for symptoms.

Public Health and the employee have been in contact, and Public Health states that there is a low possibility of any potential spread at this time.

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