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How safe a driver are you? Manitoba is in top 3 for bad habits

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: October 1, 2020 09:46

Some bad practices include changing clothes while driving and micro-sleeping

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A new report says most of us have admitted to dangerous driving in the past year, and we're not just talking about forgetting to signal, driving impaired or speeding.

Some of us have applied make-up, changed clothes, sent an email - even did some micro-sleeping.

The report says an estimated 19.1 million adults, or 63% of Canadians, admit to dangerous driving.

Of those who self-reported, Finder.com said eating while behind the wheel was the Number 1 bad habit followed by speeding, forgetting to signal and driving while sleepy.

The report also said men are more likely to have dangerous habits (76%) when compared to women (71%).

It said “women are more likely to drive and eat (51% compared to 48% of men) and men are significantly more likely to speed (38% compared to 29%).

Of the provinces - Saskatchewan had the worst offenders (88%) followed by Alberta (81%) and Manitoba (76%).

Manitobans topped the list for changing clothes while driving, doing sharp turns and letting passengers take the wheel.

You can find the whole report at the link below. 

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