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Local Links in Cleanup Mode

By: Tyler Crayston
Posted: July 2, 2014 06:23

The Neepawa Golf & Country Club was hit hard by heavy rain.

  The massive downpour and flooding that followed has Westman golf courses in cleanup mode.   Minnedosa, Oak Island and Neepawa were among the courses hit hard by the recent storm.   "It looked a lot like it did in that flash flood in 2011, when it came really quick, real fast. Once the river started running, we just got hit with it all in about an hour," said Neepawa Head Pro and GM Landon Cameron.   "It wasn't as bad as what it was three or four years ago. The problem we have is where do we pump the water too? Usually you move it from one place to the next. You got to empty the other one first, before you can move the other one, the other amount of water," said Oak Island Director of Golf Dan Halldorson.   "We caught the edge of two previous storms a week earlier, and had taken about two-and-half inches at that point, so the course was already somewhat wet going into this latest storm. To add all the extra moisture on top of that has definitely made the ground super saturated and wet," said Minnedosa Head Pro and GM Deb Pritchard.   The back nine at Minnedosa will be open Wednesday, but it's walking only; Neepawa is playing it by ear, but looks to have the back nine going on Wednesday, while Oak Island will nine holes open on Wednesday, and hopefully the full 18 by Thursday.   Meanwhile, Glen Lea Golf has tentative plans to re-open on Thursday morning.

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