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Manitoba Government continues to push to prohibit use of cannabis in public

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: November 22, 2019 16:03

Manitobans encouraged to use products in a safe environment


The Manitoba government has introduced legislation that would prohibit consuming all non-medical cannabis products while in public areas, complementing existing provisions focused on smoking and vaping in public, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.

"With a growing number of cannabis products becoming available in the marketplace, our government is taking a strong legislative stance against consumption in public areas," said Cullen.  "This helps reduce the risks associated with public intoxication and impaired driving, while encouraging Manitobans who choose to use these products to do so at home safely and responsibly.  Most of all, we want to ensure the use of these products is not normalized or encouraged among young people."

Bill 5 would amend The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act to prohibit public consumption of edibles, extracts and topical cannabis products.  These products are expected to become available in Manitoba in December 2019, once authorized by Health Canada. 

Similar provisions for smoking and vaping cannabis are included under The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act, and public consumption of alcohol has been prohibited in Manitoba for nearly 100 years. 

There are some cannabis products that do not have an intoxicating effect.  The amendments include provisions to exclude them from the public consumption prohibition via regulation.  Medically authorized cannabis for treatment of a medical condition is also exempted.

The legislation would come into effect upon proclamation. 

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