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Mouse problem at a Brandon elementary school?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: February 14, 2020 06:57

Emailer says mice have left poop on students' desks

Image: dancanpestcontrol.com

Is there a mouse problem at a Brandon elementary school? An email tip to Q Country/Star FM News says..there could be. 

The email reads:

"The school that my husband works at has a mouse infestation and it doesn't seem like anything is being done about it so I'm sending this email because well..the power of media!

Is this a "normal" thing that an Elementary school in Brandon has a mouse infestation? Is this common knowledge to parents who have children at that school? I'm new to Brandon so perhaps this is common knowledge.

It's only a matter of time that my husband will bring home materials from school and a mouse will catch a ride and end up in our home.

He's told stories of other teachers ruined materials due to mouse poop..showing up to school in the morning and finding mouse poop on their desk. How is this sanitary and safe?!

I don't feel like the administrators are taking it seriously.

I don't know what, if anything, you can do to spread the word but it will be more than what's currently being done.

Thank you!"

The emailer wanted to remain anonymous - and didn't name the school, but we've reached out to Brandon School Division to see if they're aware of a possible rodent infestation at one of its elementary schools, and if so, what actions are being taken. 

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