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New hotel in Rivers is snapping together..literally

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: November 22, 2019 09:16

Steel Creek Developers to open hotel in early to mid-January

Image: Steel Creek Developers

A new 30 room hotel in Rivers, Manitoba is coming together quickly - basically snapping together.

Trevor Rempel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steel Creek Developers, says they've been working on the project for several years, and says there are several good occupancy drivers in Rivers.

"The brand new community centre would benefit from a hotel, also C-N Rail - which right now is transporting their crews back and forth from Brandon - also the Rehab hospital, the provincial park and the lake - all sorts of things driving a need for hotel rooms," says Rempel. "We focus on rural communities and some of these smaller hotels, and we're really excited about the opportunity in Rivers. It came together fairly quickly through the design, engineering and construction process. We wanted a building technology that allowed us to get open as quickly as possible, particularily so that we were open in time for the Scotties curling provincial championships."

The hotel, to be named 'Blue Crescent Hotels/Rivers', is comprised of separate modules which were assembled in Winkler and transported to Rivers. 

"There are 21 modules and each module contains a hotel room, the hallway, and another hotel across the hallway. There are 7 modules per floor and they all just stack on top of each other," says Rempel. "They come with the doors all shut and locked, and everything's done inside the rooms - no trades need to step foot in the hotel rooms - everything is done from the hallway."

The rooms are unique with the bathroom in the middle of the room that separates two beds which Rempel says "offers privacy to either bed, and there's also a tv on either side, so if you have young kids, the kids can go to sleep on one side while the parents watch tv - and for tradespeople - if your company doubles you up in rooms, you get a little privacy from your coworkers." 

Rempel says they recently completed a similar hotel in Souris and the feedback on the room design has been very positive. They're also working on a combined hotel - residence project in Grenfell.

The new Rivers hotel is set to open in early to mid-January, and will employ about a dozen workers. 

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