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No COVID-19 patients in Manitoba hospitals

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: May 25, 2020 07:10

Also - no new cases were reported over the weekend

The weekend came to a close with no new COVID-19 cases in Manitoba.

The total number remains at 292 - with 17 active cases.

There are no patients in the hospital, or in the ICU, and 268 have recovered.

As of Saturday - an additional 729 lab tests were performed bringing that total to 38,599.


A local home-care company has been handed two separate fines totalling over $5,000.

Daughter on Call was cited for failing to comply with an emergency public health order.

One of the company's workers tested positive for COVID-19 on May 10th - a second worker tested negative. 

Daughter on Call employs about 100 workers in Brandon, Neepawa and Portage.

Meantime - a Dauphin eatery was also fined for not following public health guidelines - Sung’s Restaurant was ticketed $486.  


With many Canadian businesses expecting fewer customers and added costs as the pandemic continues - we might begin seeing a COVID-19 surcharge on our purchases.

Some businesses in the U-S, also in Alberta and BC, have already started tacking on the charge to pay for additional safety gear and cleaning products.

The Consumers Association of Canada says if a surcharge is added - it should be made clear to the customer.

Some business groups say these charges will likely be rare for fear of losing customers.

Statistics Canada says about 40% of retailers closed their doors in March.


And you'll need to get used to a whole new fitness routine when you head back to the gym. 

The Manitoba Fitness Council says new health rules will change your gym experience when the government gives the green light for facilities to re-open.  

Some of the changes will likely include spaced-out fitness machines, more hand-sanitizing stations, no showers - and you'll probably need to schedule your workout.

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