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Rogers 5G is now available in parts of Winnipeg and Brandon

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: November 20, 2020 12:03

Arrival of 5G in Manitoba will change the way we live, work and do business

Image: Canva

Rogers Communications has officially turned on its 5G service in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Customers in these locations on Rogers Infinite and Rogers for Business Shared Unlimited Data plans with compatible 5G devices will now have access to this next generation wireless technology. 

Larry Goerzen, President of Prairies and Alberta, Rogers Communications says the arrival of 5G in Manitoba will change the way we live, work and do business, "5G represents a massive technological transformation that will connect everything in our world from people and machines, to homes and cities. Beyond that, strong digital infrastructure and this next generation technology are critical to fuel productivity and innovation in the future as we reset the competitive landscape in Manitoba and for Canada, globally."
5G will introduce new capabilities that are significantly more advanced than previous generations of wireless technology. Over the next several years, 5G will transform businesses and industries with increased speed and capacity, more efficient use of spectrum and lower latency. 5G will also support a massive increase in the number of connected devices that require near instantaneous access for applications like augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, robotics and driverless vehicles.
In addition to providing Canadians with the latest technology, wireless industry investments in 5G networks are expected to contribute an estimated $40 billion annually to the country's economy and 250,000 permanent new jobs by 2026.

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