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Should we cut 'Snowbirds' some slack to travel to the sun?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: February 23, 2021 08:38

New Ipsos/Global News poll found not much sympathy for them

Image: Canva

There's not much sympathy for "Snowbirds" who want to fly to their homes in places like Florida, Arizona and Mexico. 

A new Ipsos/Global News poll has found only 31% of us think we should give them a break on the country's tough new travel restrictions. Most people, 83% agreed that they support the new travel rules, including “pre-testing, testing upon arrival, and a mandatory hotel quarantine at the traveller’s own expense.”

Surprisingly the group that's toughest on "Snowbirds" is their own kind - the elderly.  

The poll also found Canadians’ travel plans in the short and medium terms have been affected by the pandemic. Just 3% said they’d be willing to take a trip out of the country right now, and just 10% said they’d consider leaving Canada between now and the fall.

Darrel Bricker with Ipsos told Global News “The overwhelming point of view right now is that people aren’t going to travel - and the reason they’re not going to travel is, first of all, they believe that there’s a risk associated with it. But secondly, they don’t know what travel is going to look like. They don’t know whether the experience is going to be worth the effort."

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