Yard sales a big no-no according to the province

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: May 4, 2021 08:44

Campsites also fall under the no visitors COVID rule

Image - File photo

Manitoba's tougher COVID-19 restrictions mean yard and garage sales are banned right now.

They fall under the province's ban on gatherings on private property brought in to try and slow the COVID third wave. If you're caught hosting a garage sale it's a $1,296 fine, the same ticket an individual would get disobeying health orders. 

The province's top doctor, Brent Roussin says "These orders are in effect until after the long weekend, and so we need Manitobans to delay any garage sales at this time."

And the same rules apply this month at Manitoba campsites - they're like private residences, so no visitors are allowed.

Roussin says "Only people in your household (are) allowed there. There aren't any visitors from outside your household allowed." He says COVID-19 cases doubled from March to April - up by 110%.


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