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Helping Loved Ones With Holiday Mourning

Christmas can be a jolly time, but that isn't true for everyone. Dr. Andrea Piotrowski is a Professor with the University of...[more]


Overnight Parking Bans Back

You may have noticed the amount of snow dumped on Brandon the last few days. As a result, our streets need to be plowed! The City is warning overnight parking bans will go into effect tomorrow at midnight in the following...[more]


Mother, Daughter Cause Trouble At Crocus Plains High School

There was trouble at Crocus Plains High School yesterday morning! A 17-year-old girl was arrested for being on school grounds due to the fact she was going against a court order which barred her from being there. Constable...[more]


OmniTrax Promoting Plan

The  President of OmniTRAX Canada is still trying to sell his company's plan to  transport crude oil  to Churchill where it can be loaded onto tankers. Former Brandon-Souris MP Merv Tweed says they've got...[more]


Virden Mayor Wants PST Gone

The Mayor of Virden is one of many Westman Mayors calling on the Province to remove the PST from their municipality. Jeff McConnell says the current system doesn't make any...[more]


Province hopes to ease Westman doctor shortage in 2014

Manitoba's new Health Minister says the province hopes to keep more doctors practicing in Westman communities next year. Last summer. a number of towns including Killarney and Deloraine lost doctors to larger centers. But Erin...[more]


Snow gone, but were back in the 'Deep Freeze'

The cleanup continues after Westman got more snow Wednesday. Environment Canada says Brandon received about 3 centimeters of snow, while Virden got about 10 centimeters. It resulted in slippery road condtions and reduced...[more]


Baby Bailey Has Had 44 Blood Transfusions, Donor Demand is High

Kristen Philips daughter was born with Cytomegalovirus and needed to start having blood transfusions. Since she has been born baby Bailey has had 44...[more]


14 Municipalities Have Officially Amalgamated

Fourteen Municipalities in Manitoba are officially amalgamated. Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers said in a release that the leaders of the communities have worked very hard to find the best pairings so that the new...[more]


Many Ice and Snow Covered Sections in Western Manitoba

Extreme caution is advised if you are heading out on the highways today. Several accidents have been reported, which has slowed traffic down to a crawl if you're out by the Oak Lake/Virden area on the TransCanada...[more]

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