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Clear and Cold This Weekend

We're almost done with snow for now but you'll want to watch out for the temperatures! The Wheat City will have a cold spell over the...[more]


Bus Rides Will Cost More

There will be some changes coming when it comes to riding the bus. City of Brandon's Transportation Director Tim Sanderson says there will be a slight increase when it comes to adult cash...[more]


Breaking News: Nelson Mandela Has Died

Nelson Mandela died Thursday December 5th at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela Spent 27 years in prison for opposing white rule before he became South Aftrica's first black...[more]


Your Winner... and NEW... Economic Development Officer for the Souris and Glenwood Community Development Corp...?

He's trading in dozens of professional wrestling titles, for a whole new title... Vance Nevada, the former wrestling champion is now Vern May, the new economic development officer for the Souris and Glenwood Community...[more]


Adults Need More Daily Exercise Than you May Think!

Now that there is so much snow outside getting in your recommended dose of daily exercise may be difficult. Children up to the ages of 17 need about 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous...[more]


Fees For Fixing Infrastructure Going Up!

If you have to pay for damaging infrastructure belonging to the City of Brandon, it'll be almost $400 more per hour than it was last year. Starting January 1st, the new fee is expected to be $541 per hour, plus the cost of...[more]


Counterfeit Currency

On Wednesday morning Brandon Police received a report that they counterfeit U.S Money was being used. A service Station along highway # 1 was given fake 20.00 $...[more]


CORRECTION: Birtle will not be affected by PotashCorp cuts

Birtle's Mayor is relieved to hear he was wrong about which mines were affected by PotashCorp's cuts. Mayor Dwight Stewart says 10-15 families in his town travel to Rocanville to work in their...[more]


City Plows cleaning Brandon streets this morning

The weather is again the big story this morning across all of Southern Manitoba. Light snow falling in Brandon this morning. Environment Canada says the Wheat City has received 3 new centimeters of  snow in the past 24...[more]


Weather Update

If you have to head out on the road tonight, make sure you take extra caution. The snow is going to continue into the night and possibly into tomorrow...[more]

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