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'Hero Pay' Emails Looks Like A Scam But It's Actually Legit

By: Chip
Posted: August 8, 2020 06:12

It looks totally fake but according to the Province it's actually real

Checking Emails

It looks like more bad news regarding 'Hero Pay' in Manitoba 

Emails have been sent out to people who qualify for 'hero pay' but the email looks really… Dodgy. 

You can't reply to the email, you are asked to click on a link to make a "Manitoba Finance Secure Email account", and you only have 30 days to act. They also include a link to a website which lookes really suspicious.

It 100% looked like it was a Scam and tons of people just deleted the email… But it turns out it's not a scam the government of Manitoba are just really bad at designing emails.

Have you gotten a 'hero pay' email yet?

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