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42 Foods you need to eat before you die

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: July 21, 2020 07:39

Happy National Junk Food Day!

Fast Food

(Source: Thinstock)

July 21st is National Junk Food Day! Do you have a sweet tooth? Or do you find yourself constantly craving something salty or crunchy to snack on? Well, today is the day to indulge in all of your crazy cravings.  If you think the pandemic has made you more anxious, drink more alcohol, and eat more junk food, join the club.  A Statistics Canada survey tracking Canadian attitudes and behaviours during the pandemic found that one in five Canadians reported feeling moderate or severe anxiety.  During the first survey, respondents reported “high levels of concern about the health, social and economic consequences of the pandemic,” a finding that appears again in the second survey, even as the economy starts to reopen.  Canadians were also more likely to dip into chip bowls while enjoying their beverages. One in three respondents (35 per cent) said that they were eating more junk food or sweets.  Did you know that the average person eats nearly 25-pounds of candy every year? Even more, each of us will consume about 45-slices of pizza every year. That’s a lot of junk food!  Load up on Chicago Mix popcorn, order fries at the drive through, or have a tub of ice cream all to yourself. It is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to at least one of your guilty pleasures!  Here's 42 iconic junk foods you have to eat before you die!  :)

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