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A Minute Might Not Be 60 Seconds Anymore!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: January 15, 2021 15:34

Scientists have been adding seconds to our clocks to years, but now they wanna subtract!

You have been lied too! And not a lie you would have ever seen coming. Scientists are currently discussing shortening our days, by making a minute 59 seconds. This is because, in the last year or so, the earth has been completing its rotation in under 24 hours, which can be problematic. After all, scientists have been adding time to our clocks for roughly 50 years now. 27 times this has happened where they’ve added time. So now with the earth completing rotations faster, they might need to take a second or two back.

     While most people probably won’t notice that, the internet will. And I don’t mean people on the internet, websites. Back in 2012 adding a leap second to our clocks caused a variety of website crashes. The international earth rotation and reference systems service are supposed to alert nations when seconds are getting added, and now subtracted, but I don’t remember getting any kind of notice in 2012.

     This blew my mind when I read it, and I’m still in shock. We can just add and subtract time to the day and no one will notice except Reddit and LinkedIn will go down briefly and we probably won’t know why.

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