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Are You Ready For A 4 Day Work Week?

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 1, 2020 13:30

New Zealand Just Might Be, But What About Canada?

Long weekends in Westman are great. Extra time to spend outdoors, play with your kids, maybe go for A nice walk around your neighbourhood. A little extra time during the weekend never hurt anyone. Maybe one day A long weekend will just become A standard weekend.

     In New Zealand, moving the country to A 4 day work week is currently being discussed to help with the economy and touris. Certainly New Zealand is A well loved vacation spot for many people, but could A 4 day work week really become A reality? In Canada the idea has been tossed around A handful of times over the years, but it's never been more than an idea. 

     According to Moshe Lander, an economist at Concordia University, it's optimistic but misguided. Mostly because it'd be hard to change peoples spending habits. Which is kinda understandable. While i'd be down to have an extra day to goof off and just lounge around, i'm pretty sure i'd get bored of it pretty quickly. 

Westman certainly has an abundance of sights to see and things to do, so it's not like we couldn't fill up our time cards on A long weekend. Do you think we could see A 4 day work week come to Canada? 



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