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Being Grandma Means You Get All The Booze!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 17, 2020 17:43

And Other Lessons We All Learn

Teenagers are incredibly tricky these days. And I have to give them credit for doing something you’d normally only see in the movies. For example, in White Chicks the Wayans brothers dressed up as Valley Girl Blondes. In real life, we have valley girl blondes dressing as old women so that they can buy booze.


Yes, teenagers on TikTok are dressing up like grandmas or just concealing their faces with masks, in attempts to buy booze and it’s working! The level of commitment to dressing up as one's grandma is admirable. The methodology here is that fake ids are flawless right now because you’ve got A mask on and taking off your mask is in public ain’t wise. I’ve yet to hear of Liquor marts here in Westman having to deal with this which is A good thing. The only piece I would have for these teens that think this is A good idea…don't brag about it on TikTok. If there’s one thing every generation has in common, it’s our need to have good and bad ideas validated by A group of our peers and that’s always gonna be our downfall

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