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Brandon Women Turns 110!

By: Chip
Posted: January 13, 2021 18:20

Is she the oldest living Manitoba resident?

Happy Birthday

Well, I would like to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Brandonite Jemima Westcott AKA Mime who turned 110 last Sunday. She was born back in 1911. Mime currently lives at the Dinsdale Personal Care Home here in Brandon and I don't have the official record but at 110 it is likely she is Manitoba's oldest living resident. 

When asked about the secret to a long life she said "Just be yourself and enjoy it". She went on to say "I think it's just how you live. I don't smoke … I take care of myself and I am taken care of, too".

Believe it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is the second pandemic Mime Westcott has lived through. She was 7 years old when the first case of the Spanish Flu was found in Canada.

I am in awe of this woman. so Happy Birthday Jemima Westcott. 110 year old amazing!

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