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Broken Bedtime Routines

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: April 6, 2021 20:04

School online, extra screen time, stress

Almost every parent I have talked to has told me that having a bedtime schedule is crucial. The routine takes some adjustments and eventually you have it down..... with a few speedbumps here and there. What happens when a speedbump turns out to be a pandemic, school turns into online learning and everything goes off the rails? In a survey done in the states, out of 5000 parents with children aged 3-18, 49% said they have faced additional difficulties getting their little ones in bed since last March. This could be due to the increased usage of screens during the pandemic.

Pediatrician, Dr. Kelly Fradin stated “With all of the change in the past year, it’s helpful to maintain a consistent bedtime every night to promote the physiology of healthy sleep. A bedtime routine, limiting screen time before bed and making time and space for physical activity can also help. Parents can also consider trying melatonin as a tool to support sleep.”

Since the start of the pandemic, have you had struggles with the bedtime routine in your house? 


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