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Jamie Harrison

By Law You're Required To Eat Chicken Wings Today

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 29, 2020 12:35

And I mean chicken wings. Not Cauliflower wings or boneless wings. Actual on the bone wings!

Ain't no thang but A chicken wing! The perfect expression for A day like today, because it’s National Chicken Wing Day! Westman has got A myriad of places to go if you’re craving wings today. Dock On Princess, Tavern, Boston Pizza can definitely help satisfy your wing cravings today.

     This isn’t your normal National Chicken Wing Day though. This year there’s been A little controversy surrounding my second favorite food. The internet has been up in arms about whether or not chicken wings count as A full meal. It’s really A question I’ve asked before because I always count them like that. Get some fries on the side or A second order of wings, and you’ve got A nice meal. However, if your wallet can’t accommodate that it could be said that A single order isn’t A full meal. Where do you stand on this? Are chicken wings A full meal or are they just the appetizer for something better?  

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