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Bye Bye Bye Cash Transactions!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: May 26, 2020 13:05

The Rise of Debit & Credit

Time and time again we've had the discussion about wether or not we'll move to A cashless society. In the past there was always A lot of hesitation to do so, and many felt unprepared to make the transition. Now the decision has been made for us. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown many Canadians that going cashless isn't A bad idea, and its an idea that'll stick.

     It's not only that cashless transactions are becoming the new normal, but we're spending more as well. According to Macleans the country has seen A steady increase in money spent through debit transactions and an overall increase in people using e-transfers for the first time. 

    This isn't shocking to me. I've always been A staunch supporter of going cashless for ages now, and it feels like we're finally getting to that point. What do you think? Will we see A cashless Canada in the years to come? Or will we revert back to the old ways? 


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