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Can I have a Garage Sale This Summer? (What About Covid?)

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: May 26, 2020 15:06

Health officials say we can go ahead with Garage Sales this Summer! One of Westman's favorite past times is officially a go! With some conditions.

Garage Sales are a GO!

Garage Sales are a GO!

(Brandon's Largest Garage Sale-Keystone Centre).

Monday Dr. Brent Roussin, our chief public health officer, said garage sales and yard sales fall within the health parameters for outdoor gatherings and as long as you have a sale that has less than 50 people, you're good to go!  Make sure you have proper social distancing of course.  But what about stuff that is touched by others?  Dr. Brent said “I think Manitobans have really flattened this curve, still use a bit of caution. Make sure you’re washing your hands frequently and that there isn’t crowding taking place.”  Happy Garage Sale Season Westman!



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