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Constantly Closed Captions

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: February 22, 2021 17:06

Gen-Z keeps the captions on!

I’m confused. There’s a weird thing happening with Gen-Z. It’s not a bad thing, it’s not an eye-rolling thing, it’s just a weird thing. I was scrolling through Twitter on the weekend and I saw a bunch of people discussing TV watching habits. Except, it wasn’t about what they were watching, it was more about how they saw Gen-Z watching TV.

           I guess audio on Netflix and other streaming platforms kinda stink, so Gen-Z is becoming the generation that watches TV with the closed captioning on. I’ve never experienced that before. I turned on the captions on a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago because I was having a hard time understanding a particular word. Once I understood it, I turned them off again. Yet for Gen-Z they’re just watching with them always on. To me, that’s just anarchy. It’s distracting as heck. It’s one thing to watch something that has subtitles because it’s in a foreign language, but to constantly have it on feels weird.

           If you’ve got kids that fall into the Gen-Z category, do they watch with the closed captioning on? Do you find it distracting?

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